7 Steps of Self-Publishing – costs in a nutshell

Groep 7 assists with the preparation and printing of cost-effective and quality books for the self-publisher. This affords the author the opportunity to do their own preparation. The author is welcome, at any time, to make use of the advice and professional services that Groep 7 offers. The copyright and all documents remain the property of the author.


  1. Writing The author sends the manuscript in electronic format to Groep 7 for evaluation (R450), advice and quotations of preparation and printing (3 working days).
  2. Editing It is very important that this is done by a professional and qualified editor and is therefore the costliest part of preparation and quoted after evaluation (2-8 weeks).
  3. Typesetting Done professionally in InDesign from R7,50 per page and basic MSWord finishing from R4,50 per page (1-3 weeks).
  4. Cover Design Professional design from R450 (1 week). Or we can advise and the client prepares and provides a press quality PDF.
  5. Printing Groep 7’s printing department guarantees quality and time management. A proof book is printed (2 working days) and approved by the author, before we execute an order. Book orders are printed on demand (3-7 working days).
  6. Distribution Groep 7 can take care of packaging, shipping and administration of orders on behalf of authors (see agreement).
      • Author’s own orders (printed books).
      • Groep 7 eShop – R150 once-off placement cost (printed books).
      • Bookstores – see conditions (printed books).
      • E-books at Kobo – cost in preparation.
  7. Marketing The self-publisher takes care of their own marketing, however Groep 7 can assist on any of the following:
      • Exposure on Groep 7’s website and online bookshop
      • Links to the e-book on Kobo
      • Availability to bookshops (see conditions)
      • Posters (printed and electronic format) for book launches
      • Exposure on Facebook and Instagram

Download and calculate your net income on book sales.

Target market

Since authors have different goals for publication, we provide the following information on 3 categories, and the cost implication:

    • Limited Category (Private interest and own training material)
    • Niche Market Category (Limited readers market)
    • Premium Category

1. Limited Category (Private Interest/own training material)

Writing – Poems or book in A5 of 160 pages.

  1. Editing – by author.
  2. Typesetting – supply print ready PDF.

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2. Niche Market Category (limited readers market)

Writing – a book of 40 000 words and A5 books of 160 pages.

  1. Evaluation R 450
  2. Editing – choice: (see complete information)

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3. Premium Category

Writing – a book of 40 000 words and A5 books of 160 pages.

  1. Evaluation R 450
  2. Editing:

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The above are only examples and with each of the 7 steps the author decides which part of the preparation is done by whom.

The following explains the costs in more detail:

Step 2 – Editing

Comprehensive editing include: Copy-editing; Proof-editing; and Proof-reading.


  • Basic evaluation of the book with a report so that authors can make an informed decision about linguistic care: R450.00.
  • A quotation is given according to the number of words and the extent of editing required. The amount per word is approximately:
      • Professional linguistic (copy-editor): 14c–22c p/w.
      • Basic language editing (proof-editing): 8c–12c p/w.
      • Proof-reader: 4c–6c p/w.
  • ISBN registration: ­ R200.

Step 3 –Typesetting

Estimated costs for page layout in Adobe InDesign are:

  • A5 books: from R7.50 – R12.50 per page.
  • A4 books: from R10.50 – R16.50 per page.
  • Books with sketches, photos & diagrams: from R25,50 per page.
  • Books that also require indexing: from R35,50 per page.
  • Corrections after typesetting: R120 per hour.

When authors wish to keep documents in MSWord and do any corrections themselves, we can do the finishing from R4.50 per page.

Step 4 – Cover Design

The cost of design is normally between R450 and R650, depending on the information supplied by the author and time spent. Therefore, it may be necessary to obtain copyrighted photos or graphic stock where the artist has given us the consent to purchase and use these images (R250).

Step 5 – Printing and Binding

Digital printing has developed exceptionally well during the last few years and hence it is cost-effective to print and bind from 1 to 1 000 books per order. The suggestion is therefore to print books on a continuous basis as needed, even at only 10 books per order!


Cover Page

The cover page is printed in full colour or black, on 250 g/m² to 300 g/m² coated paper and laminated in gloss or matt for protection.



Different paper can be used and we keep 80g white bond and off-white Bookpaper in stock. Books can be printed in either black or full colour, or a combination of black and full colour to save costs where a book does not have full colour photos on every page.


Binding Methods

  • Perfect bind,
  • Staple,
  • Wire binding, or
  • Hard cover books


Printing costs

Basic specifications with full colour 300g cover laminated, contents laser printed in black on 80g bond and perfect binded. A proof book is printed and the author needs to approve it before we print the full book order.


Proof book and unit cost (only an example):

  • A5 book with e.g. 160 pages             R29.00
  • A4 book with e.g. 150 pages             R69.00


Printing costs on orders after proof book has been approved:

  • 1-10 books: price of proof book
  • Discounts on:
      •   50 books         5,0%                100 books       7,5%
      • 250 books       12,5%                500 books     15,0%
      • 750 books       17,5%              1,000 books    20,0%

Step 6 – Distribution and E-Books

An agreement needs to be completed for each book.


  1. Orders by authors (printed books)

Authors supply the list of names and addresses where books need to be sent. Groep 7 prints and sends the books, and the author is invoiced for the printing and courier costs.


  1. Online Bookshop (printed books)

Books are placed on Groep 7’s website bookshop at a once-off payment of R150 (VAT included).

Calculation of the net income for the author is as follows:

  • Selling price less
      • 20% (15% VAT plus 5% Payfast costs (credit card)
      • printing cost of book


  1. Bookshops (printed books – conditions apply – no cost)

Calculation of the net income for the author is as follows:

  • Selling price less
      • 50% which the bookshop charges plus 15% VAT
      • printing cost of book


  1. Electronic books (e-books)
  • Groep 7 quotes on each individual book for preparation to convert it into an e-book format.
  • The author receives 50% of the selling price.

Step 7 – Marketing

Groep 7 offers the following per agreement:

      • Groep 7 online bookshop – R150
      • E-book on Kobo (included in publishing cost)
      • Bookshops (premium books only – no cost)
      • Authors’ profile on Groep 7 website – R550
      • Exposure on Facebook and Instagram – R250
      • Posters for book launches – R7.20 for A3 printed

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