Mission, Values and Vision

Groep 7 Printers and Publishers serve the AUTHOR


  • We offer any writer the opportunity to self-publish his/her book and to be able to work with us in confidence to reach that goal.
  • The copyright of the book remains in the hands of the author, as do all documents.
  • Groep 7 will, only with the explicit instruction of the author, make available books, manuals, training material or any other information.
  • The professional team at Groep 7 can take care of the complete preparation of the book; alternatively, we can give advice and guidelines and authors can take care of the preparation themselves.
  • Quality books are printed on a POD (Print on demand) basis, which is cost-effective and means that the book is never out of print.
  • Distribution is done according to the author’s requirements.

The people of Groep 7

Jaco and Ilette Strydom started Groep 7 as a general printing company in 1996. Clients made requests to print books and since 2008, we have been developing a one-stop professional service for the self-publisher.

  • Today the preparation and printing of quality books, manuals and study material are done by a professional team of qualified ladies.
  • Network systems with professional programs are in place and a database has been in existence since 1998 for the reprinting of books.
  • Digital printers and equipment are used specifically for the printing and binding of books at world standard POD (Print on demand).



Typesetting and E-books:

Cover design:

Production Team:

Independent Editors:

Ilette and Liezl Strydom.

Mona Gouws.

Liezl Strydom.

Mariaan Joubert.

Magda du Venage, Nicolette Vosser, Nicole van Huyssteen and Linah Rapudi.

Sandra Adams and Rentia Mynhardt.

Groep 7 Printers and Publishers is a private company: Reg no. 2017/066212/07, VAT Reg no. 48 1013 9677 B-BBEE level 4 and tax clearance certificate on request.

The founder, Jaco Strydom

The legacy of Jaco Strydom remains in Groep 7. In 2008 his body was diagnosed with cancer (Liposarcoma), but he continued to live life to the full.  He wrote, in gratitude for a second chance, a book, 4 Beautiful Years, about his mountain bike expeditions taken between treatments and operations. In 2012, through sheer perseverance, he realized his dream of a 6,400 km circumnavigation of South Africa with his bike, tent and backpack! In November 2013 he went back to his Heavenly Father.

“To those who know him, Jaco Strydom’s name is synonymous with phenomenal courage and inspiration. Always a keen mountain biker, he has successfully completed races including two Absa Cape Epic with his friend “The Pom”. In June 2008 he successfully completed the gruelling Freedom Challenge Race Across South Africa. Up until September 2008 he had had a life that most people would class as near-perfect.

In 2008, this near-perfect life was shaken to the core when Jaco was diagnosed with cancer. ‘4 Beautiful Years’ is the story of his life since that day. Instead of opting to lie down in despair, Jaco got up and has seized each day with a ferocity that leaves one speechless. Planning cycling expeditions between chemotherapy and radiation treatments, solo-circumnavigating Lesotho on his mountain bike, riding Cape to Beit Bridge, and then carrying on circumnavigating South Africa in 2012…

This is the story of a true hero: a victim who has become the ultimate victor. It will dwell in your heart long after you put the book down, and will inspire you to overcome life’s challenges, one day at a time.”

Jani Verster – Fellow Mountain Biker



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